The press talked about AOL this weekend, and we thought: what an extraordinarily successful six weeks Carphone Warehouse has enjoyed.

AOL UK is up for sale. It boasts 1.3million broadband and 900,000 dialup customers. It is likely to be sold for around £600mn which is around £270 a customer. According to the Business paper, the price tag could even be as high as a cool £1bn, meaning the company is worth £450 a user. Bear in mind that a broadband customer is probably worth a lot more than a dialup user. You might even starting getting an idea of how much you are worth to your ISP.

Put this in the context of Carphone. In just six weeks it has put on 340,000 broadband customers – and at the AOL price tag, this suggests it’s now worth more than £100mn more than it was in April.

The company wants to have 1.75 million customers by 2009, and expects to invest £110mn in local loop unbundling. You do the maths; they’re doing the expansion.

As for AOL, it’s thought either BT or BSkyB are most likely to scoop the prize.

The only question we would ask is this: “If broadband is going free – why is each customer valued so highly. Is anyone getting d©j#224; vu over this?”

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