Above we told how the 16 to 24s are listening to less radio – perhaps the iPod generation are listening to their downloaded music files instead. Now the BEEB is working on an idea for turning MP3 players into digital radios. Apparently it’s in talks with a major player in the arena to have a plug in digital radio chip. As to who this company is, Auntie BEEB is keeping Mum, but rumour has it this company has a core.

On the subject of MP3 players, we got our fingers wrapped yesterday. Eric Matthews, one of our esteemed readers took exception to our tendency to say Apple’s has had its pay day, and that the iPod is about to find life a lot harder. Mr Mathews said “why, whenever you mention Apple, do you always insist that the iPod is a ‘fashion accessory’, implying that this is the main reason for its success, and that once its appeal passes Apple will be in trouble? The reason for the success of iTunes and iPod is the same thing that makes people Mac fans – ‘It just works’. This simple fact seems to elude all the other makers of music players and mobile phones – good/bad design isn’t just about what a thing looks like, but whether you can actually use it and more importantly enjoy using it. This is the secret of Apple’s success, and why many are eagerly awaiting an Apple phone”.

So, it would appear the world is divided into two types of people. Those who think Apple Computers is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and those who see is as a company which makes pretty products.

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