It’s slated for launch next month (June) but many just can’t wait. The Apple iPhone is now just weeks away, and yesterday, Apple supremo Steve Jobs was strutting his stuff.

He emphasised the three aspects of the product – phone, video player and internet browser – and waxed lyrical about the software generated keyboard.

But actually, on this occasion, it was Apple’s other big product that found Mr Jobs’s focus. Apple TV, which uses an Apple set top box is also coming soon, and yesterday Mr Jobs announced a tie up with YouTube.

Why is this significant? Well it represents the first move towards seeing YouTube’s user generated content available on TV.

Not everyone likes YouTube. One blogger recently lambasted YouTube, moaning about the pirated videos available. The blog writer, Shelley Taylor, said: “If advertisers ever do decide that it is good business to put ads on the back of the truck being used to sell stolen goods, and if someone convinces content creators that there is no value in copyrights and that they should just produce their music and film for free, then maybe Google got a good deal.”

But the other side of YouTube is the vast array of user generated content, some of it very good, and, as Steve Jobs said, addictive to view. Excuse the pun, the Apple cart might be moving to a new TV era, one that must have big broadcasters quaking in their boots.

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