It’s good see two British tech companies posting results to make you sit up. We are so used to reading about extraordinary growth from companies based on the other side of the pond, that is makes a pleasant change to hear that British techs Wolfson and CSR are both making the money men very happy indeed.

The two companies both supply technology to bigger well known brand oriented companies.

Wolfson, for example, a 20 year old Scottish business that specialises in providing chips to turn digital signals into sound, is cashing in on the growth of MP3 players. Its technology sits inside the iPod, and the market number two, Zen from Creative.

Meanwhile, CSR knows its Bluetooth. It designs Bluetooth technology for well known mobile phone companies, for example, and recently secured 20 Samsung design wins, 10 Nokia design wins, 5 LG design wins and 2 Motorola design wins.

The two companies occupy healthy positions. As B2B players, they are protected form the cutthroat world of consumer competition.

And as for the results: Wolfson saw profits double, hitting $11.5 million in the latest quarter, while CSR saw revenue for the first half of 2006 rise by 97 percent with operating profit jumping 127 percent to $66.2 million.

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