Have you noticed a new word has crept into the English language? Sky Plus. “Did you watch that TV programme on#133;?” “No, but I Sky Plus-ed it.”

Mind you, maybe the Internet could make Sky Plus technology superfluous. Who needs to record a programme when you can download it?

Not that BSkyB are likely to be much bothered by that. Apparently, the company now has one million broadband users. It took the company just 14 months to rattle up that number, making it the fastest growing broadband supplier in the UK.

The company has a dominant position in the TV industry, but in the communication business it’s an ‘also ran’ and yet, right now, the communications industry is around three times bigger than the TV business.

Then again, moving forward, the two will become one and the same. The advertising model that has funded so much of TV appears to be set to become the new way of doing things in telecommunications too.

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