My how things have changed. There was a time when a dispute between management and unions would lead to a ‘downing of tools’. These days, it would appear the answer for the union leaders is a call to the advertising agency and a £1mn budget. At least that’s the weapon being unleashed on Peugeot.

TGWU and Amicus are clubbing together to launch a £1mn ad campaign urging British car buyers not to buy Peugeot. In a world cup themed ad, to appear in the national press, the Unions will be appealing to the public, asking them to think twice before they buy Peugeot. Apparently, the ads will also be wishing England good luck in the impending soccer tournament, so presumably the ads will somehow be linking buy British with the fortunes of our soccer team.

The French company Peugeot is planning to switch production from the Ryton plant near Coventry to Slovakia, with 2,300 jobs the likely casualty.

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