2007 has a been a record year for the Box Office. First it was Spider Man Three, then it was Pirates of the Caribbean Three. What they both have in common, aside from the number three, is that they set the all time record takings for the first six days of a new film’s release.

But now, Sony, the company behind the Marvel comic web slinging hero, and Disney, the company that in conjunction with Johnny Depp introduced Captain Jack Sparrow to the world, have clashed.

The good ship Sony reckons Disney has raised the skull and cross bones and used false data. The Japanese company reckons that the sales Disney says it achieved over the first six days of its film’s release, in fact, occurred over seven.

Confused? No doubt you will be a lot more confused if you see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie – which yours truly did last weekend. It made about as much sense as the rather sad reality that sequels – and worse still – third films in a series are the ones that rake in the bucks.

The next big blockbuster to be hitting film theatres soon is Shrek 3. No doubt the movie will represent the third instalment in this year’s record breaking run.

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