Maybe football fans should be thanking the EU, or maybe this represents a dramatic change in BSkyB policy, but yesterday the company announced plans to slay the Trojan Horse that is TV coverage of Premiership Football, and offer the service over Freeview.

Football coverage has always been a key part of BSkyB’s marketing strategy and no doubt millions of its customers signed up to the company’s service in the first place just to watch the football. But in what seems like a dramatic about turn, the company has announced plans to make the service available as a pay channel on the Freeview network.

It makes commercial sense in the short term as the potential number of paying customers for each match will increase. Will this mitigate against future usage of the BSkyB service though?

Perhaps the company had little choice. The EU commission had forbidden the Premiership from awarding coverage to just one company and Setanta picked up two of the five TV coverage packages available. The Setanta service will be available to Freeview customers, and therefore perhaps BSkyB felt the demands of competition had given it little choice.

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