Talking of comings and goings, it appears the poor old web designer and their like have seen his or her stock rise and fall with the markets. Back in the late ’90s, web expertise seemed to be the IT skill to have, but within a few short beats of the cruel economic heart beat, your Internet expert went from being the cat’s whiskers to the dog’s dinner.

But according to the Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSC), the web designer can come out and purr again. Yesterday, it published the results of a study showing web technicians have seen a 27 percent rise in their pay over the last year.

Who are these people we refer to? Well, ATSC has them as IT professionals skilled in key web technologies (Java, Enterprise JavaBeans, Microsoft .Net and BEA Weblogic Server). If that’s you, here is the quote you will want to read, cut out, and before sticking it on your wall, thrust in front of your employer.

Ann Swain, Chief Executive of ATSC said: “Web developers are back among the IT elite. The increase in online multimedia applications, such as podcasts, and the growth of advertising on next generation websites, is generating strong demand for their skills.”

“We are now facing a skills crisis similar to the late 90s. Back then it seemed every train carriage had at least one 20 year-old reading a Java manual, but the excitement is more muted now, and graduates are not flocking to learn web technologies in the numbers they once did.”

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