Have you taken a look at the Nintendo Wii yet? It’s big USP is its games controller. It can simulate a tennis racket, table tennis bat, sword, golf club, or any number of sharp and blunt implements via a wrist strap which connects to the controller. Only time will tell whether this is a gimmick, or a genuinely new innovation, that will make video games seem more real than ever.

The Wii is not available over here yet- but already there’s a snag, and Nintendo has had to offer to swap 3.2 million straps for a new stronger variety. Apparently, it’s not just the straps that have been breaking; there has even been damage to TVs caused by flying straps.
We are sure this is a just a temporary blip. But if this controller really does take hold, we wonder if this is a USP that will be specific to Nintendo for a limited period of time. There are a mass of companies based in the Far East who produce games controllers, and its seems inevitable that other products, using different technology so they get around Nintendo patents, but offering similar game interaction, will soon find their way to market, enabling PC, PlayStation and Xbox owners to have a similar experience.

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