Behind every great man there’s a great woman – or so they used to say. We are not sure if that would be considered a sexist remark today. There’s no doubt Warren Buffet is a great man. He is the world’s second richest man, and he is giving most of his vast fortune to charity – to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to be precise. But it would appear Mr Buffett has had two great women in his life.

His previous wife died two years ago but despite the fact that they had lived apart since 1977, the two remained on good terms. So much so, that Susan Thompson Buffett supposedly engineered the first meeting between Buffett and the current woman in his life, Astrid Menks. The two have cohabited since the late ’70s, and apparently Mrs Buffett and Ms Menks were great friends, with Warren’s wife describing the young lady as “a very helpful, giving person.”

But they are no longer merely cohabiting. Yesterday Mr Buffett and Ms Menks tied the knot.

Despite the incredible wealth that is Warren Buffett’s, this was no society wedding. No exclusive feature in OK magazine will follow – at least we assume not. It was a quiet 15 minute ceremony held at the home of Mr Buffett’s daughter.

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