From China to Watford – Tesco changes what it means to go shopping in Blighty and its strategy in China

What do you want to do today? How about starting off with a nice coffee and at Harris + Hoole’s coffee shop, a bit of yoga, followed by some shopping at a trendy boutique followed by lunch at a Giraffe restaurant, and then off to the supermarket complete with a...Read More

The High Street is dead long live the High Street

If you live in a grubby old house, and there is a dead mouse on the kitchen floor do you blame the cat for killing the mouse, or do you say the problem is a bit more serious than that? The High Street has some problems. This weekend the ‘Telegraph’...Read More

Posted Aug 06, 2013

M&S – the listening retailer

Belinda Earl has been listening. It appears Marks and Spencer hasn’t been doing too much of that of late. But now it has been fixed; the retailer has learnt and can anything stop it from once again becoming the queen of the High Street? Except for Next, that is, or...Read More

Posted Jul 17, 2013

Majestic wins as customers stay at home; Costa wins as they go out

Fancy a glass of wine? Have this then, I bought it from Majestic last week, it is called ‘Chateau North of £20’. Fancy a coffee? Well let’s go out then and buy a cup of ‘Capper Expensive’ from Costa Coffee.

For Majestic and Costa, and indeed for Costa’s parent company Whitbread,...Read More

Posted Jun 18, 2013

UK consumers shunning High Street

Britain is a nation of shopkeepers, or so claimed Napoleon Bonaparte. It was not meant as a complement. It appears that today, the UK is a nation of online shoppers. It is not so certain that it is a nation of online shopkeepers, however.

By 2018, claims the Centre...Read More

Posted May 29, 2013

Was M&S’s Rose more a prickly thorn bush in disguise?

What is going on at Marks and Spencer? Profits were down 14 per cent to their lowest level since 2005, and its boss Marc Bolland has said his efforts to turn the business around will take time.

But does it all add up? Cast your mind back to 2004....Read More

Posted May 22, 2013

Sainsbury’s boss laments rates and says it isn’t fair

Justin King, Sainsbury’s boss, has done an outstanding job for the retailer, but even so his latest gripe seems a tad unreasonable.

Great, we are paying less corporation tax he said, or words to that effect, but: “For every £1 we have benefited from the reduction in corporation tax...Read More

Posted May 09, 2013

Tablets wars begin, is Tesco and co sleeping at the wheel?

So Amazon’s marketing in on fire, It is literally on fire, for much rests on the success of the Kindle Fire, its answer to the Apple’s iPad. And now a UK launch is imminent.

In the US the product is selling big time, the message is spreading like… well like wild...Read More

Posted Sep 10, 2012

UK retail sales tumble

It was a bad, bad month for retail land in December.

Sales at all retailers fell 0.8 per cent in December on the month before, and annual growth was a big fat nothing – or zero.

Poor sales of fuel helped to distort the picture. It is not hard to see why....Read More

Posted Jan 24, 2011

M&S sees best results for nine years

Yesterday we brought news on the latest set of results from M and S. But the story broke too late to fully relate how extraordinary the performance was.

Let the figures do the talking

It was the best performance by MS for nine years. The company made a profit of £281.3 million...Read More

Posted Nov 08, 2006

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