Can Apple do it again? This time with a smart watch

Commodities. It’s difficult to make money in the commodities business. Barriers to entry are low, and prices often fall so much that profit margins are very low indeed.

The snag for the likes of Apple is that the smart phone business is looking increasingly like a commodities game.

Apple had first mover...Read More

Is Apple suffering from regression to the mean?

They say Steve Jobs used to fire staff in the elevator. So this was the nightmare scenario for you if you worked at Apple. You step into the lift and just as the doors close, a hand reaches in, the door slides back open and there stands the familiar figure...Read More

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Microsoft bets the company, but it should have loaded the

Windows zzzz. Sorry, must have nodded off there.

Let’s try again. Windows (yes it is possible to say that word without falling asleep) looks a tad bit like yesterday’s news. Now tablets are a different matter; they can cure the headache of many an electronics company and its shareholders.

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Posted Oct 28, 2012

Has Google hit gravity or is its upwards trajectory just temporarily on hold?

Profits were $1.28 billion in its latest quarter. Just bear in mind that when Google was floated in 2004, it was valued at $23 billion. At the time, many said that valuation was just plain absurd, proof positive that a new dotcom bubble was underway. Some may make a similar claim...Read More

Posted Oct 19, 2012

Tablets wars begin, is Tesco and co sleeping at the wheel?

So Amazon’s marketing in on fire, It is literally on fire, for much rests on the success of the Kindle Fire, its answer to the Apple’s iPad. And now a UK launch is imminent.

In the US the product is selling big time, the message is spreading like… well like wild...Read More

Posted Sep 10, 2012

Patents in disarray, as Apple ruling threatens an end to innovation

In California, Steve Jobs is worshiped. At least in the region surrounding the Apple headquarters he is. It’s not like those Egyptian Pharaohs, who became gods after they died, but it is not that much different.
And so it was that court based no more than half an hour’s drive...Read More

Posted Sep 10, 2012

Is Steve Jobs the core at Apple

One assumes you didn’t miss the latest results from Apple. To be honest, it is getting hard to keep track. Every year the company seems to set a new record, and we all know Apple’s growth has been extraordinary, but after a while you just get bored with using words...Read More

Posted Jan 20, 2011

Opportunity shines out from economic darkness

In crisis there is opportunity. It may sound like a cliché, but it happens to be true.

And as the cold reality of economic recession finally bites home, the savvy think about the recovery and if there are opportunities out there.

Here is the simple answer, there are opportunities for individuals, and there...Read More

Posted Oct 20, 2008

Google versus Microsoft: the war escalates

And from the battle of the economy to the battle for the future of IT.

The war between Microsoft and the pretender to its throne Google has reached new heights, with three major announcements coming during the last few days.

The first two strikes came from Microsoft. First off, it revealed a...Read More

Posted Sep 02, 2008

Yahoo fires profit boost across Microsoft's bows

Well, if a picture can paint a thousand words then why can’t it paint you? said Microsoft when it was trying to woo Yahoo, and spoke sweet nothings in its ears.  Then this morning, Yahoo could respond by saying, Look at this picture, and you can see why.

Yahoo’s profits have...Read More

Posted Apr 23, 2008

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