Google does it again how long can it continue?

It was another stonker for Google. As a result, Microsoft was left cursing, and comScore, the company that provides the definitive statistics on internet advertising in the US, was left with egg on its corporate face.

Profits at the company were up again, this time 30 per cent higher than in...Read More

Ya who?

Time waits for no man.  It does, however, wait for regulators.

There has never been an industry that can change so fast.  In any other industry, Yahoo would be seen as an up and coming and dynamic business.    But in the industry it operates in, it is positively old in the...Read More

Posted Apr 11, 2008

Google shares in freefall

Investors in Google had a fright this week. A report from comScore found that paid-click revenue from Google has seen a sharp fall in growth. Was the miraculous Google growth story coming to an end? Many shareholders in the company thought it was, and shares fell by a third.

Yesterday,...Read More

Posted Feb 28, 2008

Yahoo rejects fellowship with Microsoft

And from things that lurk in the dark places of the earth, to evil empires.

As you know, Google has this motto, Don’t do evil and yet in this era of Google-dominated search engine advertising, an era in which the advertising bucks sit with the companies which know the most...Read More

Posted Feb 12, 2008

Microsoft bid for Yahoo the battle between evil empires

Do you mind if we pucker up and blow our own trumpet for a second? Last May, we reported talk that Microsoft may be working on a bid for Yahoo. Microsoft, we said, seems to have no answer to Google, which was why a purchase of Yahoo could be just...Read More

Posted Feb 04, 2008

The gloom spreads to Google, but is it overdone?

Profits soared at Google in the last quarter, but investors were nonplussed.  In the final quarter of last year, Google produced its best performance ever, posting $1.2bn worth of profits  that was an impressive 17 per cent up on the same quarter the year before, yet investors did a passing...Read More

Posted Feb 01, 2008

Is it time to Google new advertising era?

August 17 2004 was an auspicious day. It was the day many analysts said the “second Dot Com crash” had been kicked off. It was the day that investment bankers were green with envy – it was the day Google was supposed to have made a huge mistake, that in...Read More

Posted Feb 01, 2007

NTL plans name change

It feels as if attention has slipped away from NTL of late. It’s merged with Telewest, it’s merged with Virgin Mobile, it’s the first UK company to offer Four Play (that’s mobile and fixed line telephony, TV and broadband). There’s even talk about the company unveiling a super fast...Read More

Posted Nov 09, 2006

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