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The wind farm bias

Did you read the one about wind farms that can only produce enough electricity to make a few cups of tea? What a scandal! Why do we need these cursed wind farms? Yet take another look, and it turns out that actually wind farms are growing in importance all the...Read More

Shale gas: saviour or sinner?

And so UK firm IGas reckons there is between 15 trillion cubic feet and 170 trillion cubic feet of gas in northern England. That’s enough to meet the UK’s gas needs for several years – current annual consumption is around 3 trillion cubic feet.

A spokesperson from IGas said, “Our estimates...Read More

Posted Jun 06, 2013

Peak water?

Two words that fill many economists with dread are ‘peak oil’. The phrase is meant to signify that moment when oil production peaks, and falls into decline. What will happen when that day occurs? Will we see the end of economic growth, or will we barely notice it, so rich...Read More

Posted May 28, 2013

Shell sounds cynical note on shale gas

Shale gas: it is the panacea. It will be our saving. It has already saved the US – or least falling gas prices as a result of the shale gas revolution is cited by many economists as the main reason why the US economy is performing so well relative to...Read More

Posted May 03, 2013

The new carbon bubble makes sub-prime look like a minor inconvenience

If you believe in the hypothesis of manmade global warming, then you believe a price must be paid for dealing with the issue. If you are pessimistic, you might say the price is just too high and we are doomed. If you are an optimist, you might say renewables and...Read More

Posted Apr 19, 2013

Good news on US economy in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane delayed things. The latest report on US consumer confidence was due on Tuesday, but in the end it had to wait until Thursday. When it saw the light of day, the news was good.

Last month US consumer confidence, according to the Conference Board, hit its highest level since...Read More

Posted Nov 02, 2012

Energy bills set to rise, but that is how it should be

And so our energy bills are set to rise, thanks to government subsidies to nuclear and renewable energies, and penalties for energy production via traditional fossil fuels. And many are up in arms. But surely the critics of these plans miss the point.

Yesterday the government revealed plans to guarantee the...Read More

Posted Dec 16, 2010

UK sees world’s biggest offshore wind farm

The world’s biggest offshore wind farm, off the coast of Kent, is being opened today. Maybe now is a good time to explain why we believe the critics of wind energy are wrong.

There will be 100 turbines in all, and they will be able to generate enough electricity for almost...Read More

Posted Sep 23, 2010

The cost of solar power crashes

The day to look forward to is the day that the cost of energy generated from renewables converges with the cost of energy generated from fossil fuels. Cynics say that day will never dawn. They are wrong, and this is why.

According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, convergence will occur...Read More

Posted Jul 23, 2010

Are we really too stupid to get climate change?

There have been some developments on the climate change front. While climate change sceptics lambast the University of East Anglia (UEA) and its Professor Phil Jones for allegedly hiding e-mail contradicting the man-made hypothesis, and while cynics in general suggest that the whole climate change thing is a money-making...Read More

Posted Mar 31, 2010

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