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The cash mountain and why the UK economy may be set to grow much faster than even the most optimistic are predicting

'Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world,' or so said Archimedes – supposedly. He was expounding upon the benefits of levers. A small action can lead to a massive reaction, if the pivots and levers are right. It is like that with the economy too,...Read More

Can this be true: UK economy set to boom?

If 10cc were to write a song about the latest surveys on the UK economy they might say: “I don’t like surveys. Oh no, I love them.” The fact is that the surveys are not just good; they are remarkable, but can they really be right?

It was told...Read More

Posted Sep 05, 2013

UK leads manufacturing revival

It was good news across most of the world yesterday – at least it was good news as far as manufacturing went. And for the UK, which really needs a recovery made of more than just rising house prices, the news was especially good. Nay, ignore that. It was spectacularly...Read More

Posted Sep 03, 2013

UK growth more balanced

The ONS revised again. It always does, but it can be hard to keep up. You may recall, back at the end of 2011 the UK fell back into recession, suffering what we called a double dip — except it didn’t. Subsequent revisions of the ONS data on GDP revised...Read More

Posted Aug 27, 2013

Is the UK’s growth rate really at a 14-year high?

When surveys start concluding that certain vital sectors of the UK economy are enjoying the best growth rate since 2006, you know you need to start taking things more seriously. Until recently the UK recovery looked – how can one put it? – well, it looked quite nice. Surveys and...Read More

Posted Aug 06, 2013

UK sees strongest underlying quarter in two years

This morning the latest stats on the UK’s economic performance for the second quarter of this year were out. And on this occasion the ONS revealed a pretty good set of numbers. This is what they say.

In Q2 the UK economy expanded by 0.6 per cent, after growing 0.3 per...Read More

Posted Jul 25, 2013

An investment and export led recovery

If UK consumers open their wallets and purses and start spending in any significant way soon something is wrong. But there are reasons to think that exporters and investment may lead the UK forward. This is where we enter a danger period. A recovery built on correcting imbalances will be...Read More

Posted Jul 10, 2013

Is the UK set to boom?

Permanent! Do recessions and economic depressions cause permanent damage to the economy, or do we see a catch-up period in the years that follow? In some ways it is like asking whether going on holiday damages your total level of productivity. Do you work extra hard in the days before...Read More

Posted Jul 10, 2013

UK recovery: the reasons why and why not

When the UK economy was recovering in 2010 a lot of people assumed the downturn was over, that the bad economic times were drawing to a close. This column often expressed puzzlement. The markets were buoyant, but the reasons unpinning their enthusiasm seemed as solid as an especially ethereal ghost....Read More

Posted Jul 08, 2013

Can this be true: “impressive stuff on UK economy”?

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me went down to the sea to bathe, Adam and Eve got drowned, so who do you think was saved?” Answer: “Pinch Me,” of course. And pinch me and you and cynics and optimists alike may be called for after the latest surveys on the...Read More

Posted Jul 03, 2013

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