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The UK jobs market boost

The hard data was not that good, but there are signs coming from elsewhere that the UK labour market is recovering. It may not be time to open the champagne, but is it time to at least put it in the fridge?

The number of people in employment rose...Read More

Can the UK reshore its way back to health?

There are those who are a tad cynical about talk that the UK economy is recovering. They look at debt – household and government debt – and with a somewhat sardonic smirk, say “Yeah sure, the UK economy is recovering.” But if you sign up to a school of thought...Read More

Posted Jul 22, 2013

If more people over 65 are working today, what will it be like in 25 years’ time?

What will you be doing when you are over 65, assuming that is that you are not already over that age? Do you think you will still be working? Now forward wind the clock. Let’s for the sake of argument say the date is 2035, meaning that if you are...Read More

Posted Jun 13, 2013

UK wages fall in the year to March

Don’t misunderstand this point. Wages did not merely fall relative to inflation in the year to March; they fell outright by 0.7 per cent. It was the first year on year fall since 2009. In the private sector wages fell by 1.3 per cent. Let’s repeat that but shout it...Read More

Posted May 15, 2013

UK unemployment sees sharpest rise in 15 months

Until recently we could say that while we might not have known why, at least the news on jobs was good. The UK economy was crawling along but employment was rising; unemployment falling. It may have been hard to explain why it was that despite the UK having all those...Read More

Posted Apr 18, 2013

Will a rise in the minimum wage put an end to zombie companies?

Zombies are everywhere. They dominate the TV and offerings at the cinema. They are rife across the economy too. Some say interest rates need to go up; that there are too many companies that are being artificially propped up by low interest rates. They say that if the cost of...Read More

Posted Apr 08, 2013

Is it time to bring back Unions?

Of course the headlines may be a little misleading. Union members may look at it and say: “We never went away.” But you know what it means. Time was when unions seemed to be holding the real power in the UK, and their control was too much. In the 1970s...Read More

Posted Apr 03, 2013

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