Is manufacturing coming home?

Re-shoring. If the last decade or so has been characterised by off-shoring, then maybe we are set to enter a new era in which manufacturing returns to home markets, or, failing that, to countries much closer to home. Re-shoring: if it proves to be real, it may provide real, underlying...Read More

The lesson of history on the troubled Eurozone

Asia is in crisis mode. Europe, or so it appears, is in recovery mode. In Asia we are set to see a re-run of 1997, or so they say, when Asia suffered one very nasty crash. In Europe years of pain are set to pay dividends, or once again so...Read More

Posted Sep 03, 2013

The Asian panic

It happened in 1997, and some think it is happening again. Back in 1994 the US Federal Reserve upped interest rates, and so begun a cycle of tightening monetary policy. Money flowed from East to West, and in 1997 crisis was the watch word. The so called tiger economies of...Read More

Posted Aug 20, 2013

India’s recruitment master stroke and a future clash of central bankers

The Indian government has just made a rather interesting new appointment. It concerns the man who is to head the country’s central bank. The man is… well, he is rather clever and well regarded across the world. But what makes this one so very interesting, is that talk is that...Read More

Posted Aug 08, 2013

A good two days

31 July 2013, and 1 August 2013: mark these dates in your diary. On these days economic news was revealed that meant one of two things; either the economy was well and truly on the mend, or we are seeing one very big blip. If it is the former, celebrate;...Read More

Posted Aug 01, 2013

US comes back, eurozone back upwards, but Down Under things are looking down

Among the more positive news coming out of the US of late, there was one piece of darkness. While US consumers grew more confident, more jobs were created, and house prices rose, the darkness drew all eyes. The darkness was otherwise known as Purchasing Managers’ Indices, or PMIs, with the...Read More

Posted Jul 02, 2013

Watch out for opportunities in Thailand says Schroders

In 2004, the US Federal reserve upped interest rates. Three years later crisis rocked South East Asia. Some fear a repeat of this, but Matthew Dobbs, fund manager of Asia ex Japan equities at Schroders, is cynical about such cynicism when it comes to the so-called ASEAN counties, and especially...Read More

Posted Jun 21, 2013

Ben’s predictable prediction panics markets as predicted

“I guess I should warn you,” once said Alan Greenspan, chairman of the US Federal Reserve before Ben Bernanke held that position, “If you think I am making myself clear, that probably means you have misunderstood me.” Ben Bernanke doesn’t say things like that. When he took over at the...Read More

Posted Jun 20, 2013

US and Canada stars of downturn, but watch out for that Canadian debt

Sometimes data is too good to ignore, and the latest Economics Review from the ONS contains such data. It shows that the star of the recession of 2008 was Canada. In Q1 of this year, Canadian GDP was no less than 5.1 per cent up on the pre-recession high. Read More

Posted Jun 19, 2013

Markets panic over end of QE, as emerging market currencies tumble

The US consumer is paying back debt. Within a couple of years, this little critter may once again be the lynchpin of global economic growth. But if US consumers return to normal, does that not mean US interest rates will do so too?

The Fed has already dropped hints...Read More

Posted Jun 14, 2013

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