Good news starts in the US

The US economy has not been good at exporting for some time. Recent data shows that its imports of goods and services still lag way behind exports. Yet there is one thing the US is good at exporting and that is economic news. And of late it has been exporting...Read More

History re-written: no double dip, but deeper recession

“The recovery is based on shaky foundations,” said Capital Economics in its analysis of the latest data on UK GDP. The good news, according to our beloved complier of statistics otherwise known as the ONS, is that the UK never did have a double dip recession after all. The bad...Read More

Posted Jun 27, 2013

Interest in crowdfunding boosted by lack of confidence in banks

Despite the economy avoiding a triple dip recession many leading entrepreneurs remain concerned about long-term growth prospects, according to the latest Smith & Williamson Enterprise Index. There was a marginal drop in the headline figure, although there were signs of positivity elsewhere.

The inaugural Index, carried out in January of this...Read More

Posted May 13, 2013

UK Construction data disappoints

It was quite a drop. But…

In February, UK construction was 7.0 per cent lower than this time last year. The contraction comes after a 5.5 per cent fall seen in January.

It was a big fall, however there is a ‘but’. There is much the data does...Read More

Posted Apr 15, 2013

UK trade sees biggest deficit since August, but what about trade with China?

It was the biggest UK trade deficit since last August, but maybe there was a glimmer of hope in the figures.

The UK trade deficit was £3.6 billion in February, compared to £2.5 billion in January. That was not very good. In fact you would need to rewind the...Read More

Posted Apr 10, 2013

Triple dip off again

Yesterday saw two pieces of evidence to suggest the UK is set to avoid a triple dip recession, although both items show it is going to be a close thing.

First there was the esteemed National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), which released its latest estimates of...Read More

Posted Apr 10, 2013

UK avoids triple dip, or so it seems

It’s not official, but even if the official date says otherwise it is still probably true. It looks as if the UK has avoided a triple dip recession, but oh, it was so close.

The first estimate of UK GDP In the first quarter of this year is due out from...Read More

Posted Apr 04, 2013

UK output employment puzzle: chart

They call it a puzzle and you can see why.

This chart shows how UK output and employment have diverged since 2008. Give both employment and output a score of 100 in Q1 2008. Employment now scores 100.8 – so that’s a 0.8 per cent rise. Output comes in at 97.1,...Read More

Posted Apr 02, 2013
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Sterling’s slide: the why, wherefores and nonsense

Woe is us. The pound is crashing. You would need to rewind the clock back all the way to October 2011 to find the last time the sterling euro exchange rate was so low, or so was the case at 9.30 am 25 February 2013. Come to think of it,...Read More

Posted Feb 25, 2013
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The UK and the indebted Eurozone: drill-down and the problems are similar

Growing demand and growth in productivity are a bit like a horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other. At least you need both, if you want sustainable economic growth.

In an ideal world, over time we want to produce more output for every hour we work, and we...Read More

Posted Feb 21, 2013

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