Britain hoping to drive the economy forward through innovation

Innovation has always been a key foundation of a strong business, with even the world's largest brands continuing to push boundaries in order to stay one step ahead of their rivals with the latest must-have products or services. Strong innovative businesses also lead to a robust economy, attracting worldwide attention...Read More

The Industrial Revolution is starting, but not here

The World Economic Forum has picked out 36 start-ups which it sees as technology pioneers. The companies and their offerings are indeed impressive, and lend more support to the idea often suggested here that we are in the midst of the greatest industrial/technological revolution to date. There is one problem...Read More

Posted Aug 29, 2013

Is Facebook’s plan to get 5 billion more users all about altruism?

You may have read about Mark Zuckerberg’s big idea for getting the remaining two thirds of the world’s population online. To achieve this, Facebook has tied up with a host of companies but noticeably not Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Many are cynical, but are they right? In an interview...Read More

Posted Aug 27, 2013

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”; well actually it appears we do

We have all heard the gripe; most of us have uttered it too. The author of this article certainly has. Why this obsession today with kids having to go to university. It seems you need a degree for anything. Some graduates are leaving university and taking on apprenticeships. It is...Read More

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Is innovation killing jobs?

Technology is not always a good thing, it depends. Technology can kill jobs. As a result, fewer jobs may mean less demand, which may lead to less output. Innovation can lead to recession. This may have happened in 1930s. After all, the US Great Depression followed (with a time a...Read More

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Hyperloop, beef grown in a petrie dish, new skin made of computer chips; whatever next?

Braille is a good idea, so are guide dogs. But that does not mean people are likely to choose to be blind. Yet economists seem to have chosen this very approach when it comes to practising their so-called science. It is a shame because in so doing, they are rendered...Read More

Posted Aug 08, 2013

The problem with banks

The problem with banks lending to small businesses is that it is not often a good idea. Business loans are risky, of course they are. Mortgages are less risky because for one thing there is the property they are secured against, and for another thing there is the fact that...Read More

Posted Jul 31, 2013

Entrepreneurs need to diversify more

‘Seven habits of highly successful people’ was the title of a book published in the late 1980s and seems to have sparked off a trend. Successful people behave in a certain way, so if you behave that way too, you will be successful. But here is something we don’t often...Read More

Posted Jul 30, 2013

Cable’s business Bank

Vince Cable has a cunning plan to kick life into the UK economy. It is called a British Business Bank. “We need bold action to fix what has always been a weakness of the UK economy,” he said last week, but there is a question mark. Is Vince’s plan bold...Read More

Posted Jul 15, 2013

Strap yourself in for the new industrial revolution

It often seems that views on the economy fall into two camps. There are those who say we are doomed; that the Earth’s finite resources are just about all used up. You could say this is the Malthusian view of the world. Furthermore, they say, the growth we have enjoyed...Read More

Posted Jul 05, 2013

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