Which way for currency markets: short-term doubt, long-term clarity?

Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.

But it seems the currency markets can’t even manage that. According to a report on Bloomberg this morning, markets are in a right tizz over the dollar. Some say it is set to crash, others say it is set to soar. The only...Read More

Which way next for oil, metals and food?

The prices of oil and other commodities are in the news again.

And a split is emerging. It seems two schools of thought are developing to explain why the prices of oil, metals and now food have begun climbing. It is an important issue, because the nature of this new commodity run could...Read More

Posted Jun 15, 2009

Recovery is under way, down under

Can you smell what it is yet? It’s the aroma of greenery.

This morning three new green shoots appeared. They appeared in the UK among consumers; they appeared, surprisingly enough, in the auto industry; but above all else, they appeared down under.

The story of British consumers and the revving car industry...Read More

Posted Jun 03, 2009

Microsoft lays down the challenge to Google

At last we may be seeing some serious competition for Google.

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled its latest attempt to start clawing back market share from the seemingly unbeatable Google. This time it’s a new search engine, and this time Microsoft seems to think it has found something special.

“Today, search engines do a...Read More

Posted May 29, 2009

Will next shock come from Eastern Europe?

Sniff the air, did you smell it? There is a whiff of panic in the media again today, it seems we are all doomed. This time the big fear relates to Eastern Europe and the countries that once formed the Soviet Union. If the fears are right, we are set...Read More

Posted May 18, 2009

Spain sees ratings downgrade: will UK be next?

Standard and Poor’s, the ratings agency, downgraded its credit rating for Spain yesterday.

The move followed a similar downgrade for Greece last week.

Standard and Poor’s has also warned Portugal and Ireland that their ratings are under review.

A statement from the ratings agency said: “Public finances will suffer in tandem with the...Read More

Posted Jan 20, 2009

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