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A tip for investors: embrace social media – but know when to bail-out.

You may or may not think Twitter and Facebook are worth your investment bucks, pennies and cents, but it does appear that investors plugged into certain social media services often enjoy better returns.

Gillian Tett at the ‘FT’ broke the story, but actually, it should not come as a...Read More

Bubble in high yield market, expert comment

“Investors thirst for income has pushed up the prices of so-called junk bonds. Benchmark returns last year ranged between 25-30 per cent.” Or so says Ben Pakenham, European high yield portfolio manager from Aberdeen Asset Management

What with QE pushing down so hard on the yields of government bonds,...Read More

Posted Apr 04, 2013

It’s kind of gotten crazy

“It’s kind of gotten crazy,” those words were not uttered by an economist or a market trader, although you could understand it if they were. No, they were uttered by the CEO of the world’s largest company and he was talking about patents.

It is now clear the global economy...Read More

Posted Jun 07, 2012

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