The Chancellor has caught the British disease: a vested interest in seeing house prices rise

Here we are, five years on, and it really seems as though we have learnt nothing. Let’s remind ourselves what it was like before 2008. The UK economy wore no clothes. The big impetus for growth came from rising house prices. This made homeowners feel richer; they leveraged themselves using...Read More

Public finances see February warmth

Public sector net borrowing was £2.8 billion in February 2013; this is a £9.0 billion lower net borrowing than in February 2012, when net borrowing was £11.8 billion.

Actually that was a big fall from last year. At last, the public net borrowing is falling, and it appears the OBR is...Read More

Posted Mar 22, 2013

Chancellor tries to create housing boom

If house prices boom all over again, then the chancellor may be able to take much of the credit. In fact, it rather looks as if he is gambling on rising house prices. It’s a shame, because there is something else the UK really needs to rise, and that is...Read More

Posted Mar 20, 2013

What the Chancellor is missing

It was hailed as an Autumn Statement designed to help businesses.  But the truth is that both George Osborne and Ed Balls delivered a hail of rhetoric, but said very little of substance.

Here is one measure introduced by George that Ed didn’t seem to disagree with. Not that the Balls...Read More

Posted Dec 06, 2012

Is the answer to NHS question lower wages?

And so it turns out that Chief Execs at some hospitals in the South West have decided there is only one thing for it, doctors and nurses must be paid less.

Only through paying medical staff at the NHS less money can ends be made to meet.

So, just as wages...Read More

Posted Jul 16, 2012

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