We read it so often, it must be true. Immigrants are destroying the UK economy, and, worse than that, they are robbing us of our benefits.
It is just that in Germany attitudes are a touch different.

Take Ursula von der Leyen, who is Germany’s labour minister. She told the German newspaper ‘Allgemeine Zeitung’ that both the German public and the immigrants themselves: “Will profit hugely from the influx because the new wave of immigrants is younger and better educated than the average population."

Or take Christine Langenfeld, who is the chair of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration. The business website ‘Manager Magazin’ quoted her as saying: "Germany is developing into a magnet for well-qualified, young immigrants from the EU…Given the shortage of skilled workers, they are a blessing for Germany.”

She said: “A true European labour market is taking shape."

More than a million immigrants flooded into Germany in 2012, which was the highest number in twenty years.

Why can’t the German press be more like the ‘Express’ and the ‘Mail’?

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