An age of extremism

It may have been caused by what happened in 2008, or the causes may run deeper than that. We are witnessing it at work in the US, and the result is that there is a chance the global economy may be brought down to its knees. We are seeing it...Read More

Political shenanigans in Europe

The political entanglements in the euro area are escalating. Last week a triumvirate of finance ministers from Germany, Holland and Finland put a rather large spoke in the wheel. You may know that during the summer it was agreed that Spain’s banks could be bailed out directly by the Read More

Posted Oct 01, 2012

Should the UK leave the EU?

To save the euro, the countries that share the currency have to move closer together, that is clear. It is equally clear the UK wants no part of this.

Calls for a UK referendum will grow and grow. Some economists have already starting drawing up cost benefit analysis.  And no doubt...Read More

Posted Jul 02, 2012

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